Beaulieu Canada is proud to be a leader in the creation and distribution of a wide variety of broadloom carpet, carpet tiles and outdoor carpets. Broadloom carpets are ideal for large uniform spaces as well as offering a wide range of fibers tailored to meet different needs, while carpet tiles are wonderful for original layouts as you can mix and match, and they are easy to install. Outdoor carpets, as the name implies, are designed to withstand the elements and will last for years to come, perfect for outdoor living.

Broadloom carpet

Carpet tiles

Outdoor carpet

Wood & laminate

Our engineered hardwood is made from European white oak and can come in both classic and rustic finishes. Its natural color will add warmth and elegance to any decor as well as being an ecological product!

Laminate stands out for its unparalleled resistance to scratches and stains, not to mention being economical and easy to install. It also features natural colors that will blend in perfectly with your interior.

Coordinated moldings of these two products are available.




Durable and affordable, vinyl flooring is also known for its water resistance. In addition, thanks to its advanced printing technology, vinyl flooring can replicate the look and feel of many natural materials such as hardwood, stone and ceramic. We offer three types of vinyl products: engineered luxury vinyl, luxury vinyl and sheet vinyl. While each has its own unique characteristics, all three products are designed to withstand the various activities of daily life.

Engineered luxury vinyl

Luxury vinyl

Sheet vinyl